Guided fishing trips

Kangamani tours  have a few different options for fishing trips. Firstly you have option on exactly what kind of trip you have budgeted for, what accommodations you would like to stay in on your trip. We operate Chundu Island camp which is 21km out of Victoria Falls in the Zambezi National Park, this camp is very new and all the lodges are overlooking the Zambezi River with ensuite facilities. With different packages availbale and different locations we can arrange the exact kind of trip you are looking for in this region of the Zambezi. Ndibiri is another one of our locations that we use for fishing trips, based below Victoria Falls it is also on an island in the Zambezi. Different locations means we can target different species of fish as there are big differences betwen the Upper Zambezi and the Middle Zambezi..

Fishing and Safari Combined

This is one of the most beautiful places in Africa where you can catch some of the most exciting fresh water species, the Tiger Fish. The trips and tours which Kangamani tours offer are all designed to astound and inspire. Fishing on the Zambezi River is one such experience you are not likely to forget! Chundu Island Camp is based in the Zambezi National Park in Victoria Falls and sightings of all the big game make this a great and memorable experience.


Guided fishing tours


Trips for groups and families

The fishing trips are designed for anyone, groups of friends or family, unfortunately due to the extreme nature of these trips we do not allow any children under the age of 12. There is a small supplementary charge for boats which would like to put a 3rd passenger on board their boat. It is recommended to stick to 2 people per boat if possible.


The best fishing time

The trips are available throughout the year, different species are best fished for at certain times of the year, Tiger is best caught between September and December, up to February they are spawning so the fishing dies off at this time. Tilapia is also caught throughout the year. Weather is what generally plays a major role in deciding when to come and visit Zimbabwe. Our summer season which is extremely hot up at the Lake is also our rainy season, from October to March, April to May is good weather and fishing, August and September can be great fishing as well.


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